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SSTV ISS weekend 21-23 Febbraio 2015




Another Round of SSTV Activity from the ISS is scheduled for Late February
Space enthusiasts have another chance to receive SSTV image transmissions activity from the International Space Station. Participants can anticipate watching for the transmissions from February 21, 2015 through February 23, 2015.

The pictures to be downlinked will be a repeat of the Series 1 images commemorating Russian space history that were previously sent during the weekend of December 18, 2014 until December 20, 2014.

SSTV transmissions will begin running non-stop on February 21 and ending at 21:30 UTC on February 23. As in previous sessions, the mode used to transmit the Slow Scan TV signals will be PD180 producing a high quality images with a frame scan of 187 seconds. A total of 12 different photos will be sent throughout an operation period. The transmit frequency will be 145.800 MHz with a 3-minute off time between transmissions. Received images can be uploaded to the image gallery found at .

Plans are being discussed for transmitting new images from space enthusiasts around the world in upcoming months. Watch for more details that will be released about the upcoming SSTV transmissions to begin February 21.



scene composition: litho, frame 22

Ponte R5 ARI Catania IR9C – ripristinato

UPDATE :  Il ponte R5 é tornato nuovamente in funzione, ringraziamo Nino Giuffrida per la tempestivitá dell’intervento .


S.Agata Sicura 2015

Sempre super-operativi in occasione della festa della Patrona di Catania S.Agata .

Da sinistra :  Eleonora Manglaviti IT9EGM – Giovanna Faletra IW9GVP – Ezio Sgroi IT9OJW – Daniele Sciuto IW9HBO – Francesco Amata IT9HZM